Q & A: The Blog

Q: What is your blog about/what’s its purpose?

A: Honestly, it doesn’t have any set genre or purpose. It is more about my feelings on any number of topics and/or my everyday experiences.

Q: What influenced the creation of your blog?

A: There wasn’t any one influence that started this blog. I’ve always wanted to create a blog but never had the courage. After talking with friends and family and reading over blogs that acquaintances of mine have created, I started to think that my fears about creating a blog were unfounded and decided to just go for it. You can learn more about what motivated me to “just go for it” in my first blog post: It’s My Blog & I’ll Write If I Want To

Q: How did “Bad Hair Day” come to be your blog’s title?

A: Um, well, I thought about it and came up with a lot of really horrible names and this one seemed the least terrible of them all and then I tossed the idea of me writing a blog and calling it “Bad Hair Day” to my husband and he laughed and said “do it,” so I did.

Q: At what interval will blog posts be published?

A: The original goal was to publish a new blog every week. However, since creating this blog I have entered a research-intensive master’s program which has drastically limited my free time. As such, my current goal is create and post at least one (1) blog post a month during my semesters and more during breaks.

Q: Where do you find the photos you use for your blog posts?

A: All the images on my blog/website are ones I took myself. If they look edited, they probably are, and yes, I did the editing on them. If for some reason I choose to use another’s photo/image, I will give them artistic credit as well as put a link on the bottom of the blog post that will direct readers to their web page or social media account. As I’ve experienced what it’s like to have someone plagiarize my work, it is a goal of mine always to give credit where it is due.

Q: Does that mean your logo is your work?

A: Yes. I created my logo using an ink pen and then threw it through a few photo editing apps to give it the weird look it now has. It’s quite ugly, I’m aware, but it’s what I created and truthfully, I’m too lazy and apathetic to create another, better looking one so, there you have it.

If you have any further questions regarding the blog, use the “Contact” page located on the menu bar at the top of the site to send your questions and they will get answered in a timely manner.