Oh The Places She’ll Go!

A day before she crosses that arbitrary, yet momentous line between minor and legal adult, my little sister crosses the stage to accept her High School Diploma.

While I’m sure her head is running wild with thoughts of uncertainty concerning her future, I hope her heart is bursting with pride, for all that she has accomplished, and excitement, for all that she has yet to experience.

As she prepares herself to take the stage and receive her diploma, a symbol of her readiness to move into the next chapter of her life, I find myself revisiting the past eighteen years.

I remember singing her to sleep, teaching her to swim, and braiding her hair; I replay her softball games, cheerleading practices, and school performances; I think back to helping her with homework, assisting her with class projects, and proofreading her essays.

Now, as I sit here recalling how she grew into the beautiful young woman she is today, I find myself at a loss of how to compose something worthy of today’s occasion. A post that both celebrates her accomplishments and conveys how proud I am of her, how lucky I feel to have her as a sister, and how excited I am for her future.

So instead of forcing out a few passages that will never authentically express my feelings for her on this day solely in the hopes that they may regale my readers for a brief moment, I choose to address the rest of this post to my little sister, Morgan:

As you cross the stage today, I hope you know that your future is unwritten, your options unlimited, and your potential unbounded.

May you always have faith in yourself and may you never forget that it was your grit, tenacity, and courage that brought you to today and that will continue to support you in achieving the future of your dreams.

I hope you realize what an inspiration you are; that your compassion for others, determination to succeed, and spirit to grow touches the lives of all those you encounter.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you the very best in everything you set out to achieve. I know without a doubt that great things await you, and I cannot wait to see all that you create for yourself as you begin this next epoch in your life.

Love always,
Your favorite middle sister


As promised in my “Q & A: The Blog” page, I will always give credit to photos and other works featured in my posts or on my site that are not my own.

I would like to first credit Dr. Seuss for the obvious use and interruption of his book, Oh The Places You’ll Go! — the quintessential High School Graduation gift — in my title.

As for the photos collaged together to create the “featured image” for this post, they come from a variety of sources, credit for which can be found below and in no particular order.

Photos above were taken and/or edited by: my little sister Morgan, Michael Von Pick, Evoke Studio, my step-sister Ashley, and myself.

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