A Post(age) of Love

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times before: “it’s the little things that count.”

And they do.

The other day I received a surprise in the mail; no junk mail and in its place a small-ish envelope sent from my Soul Friend, Ashleigh. Knowing she is exchanging vows in six months, I assumed this little treat was a formal wedding invitation.

It was, however, not.

Instead, when I opened the envelope, I was greeted with the cutest card holding the sweetest note.

As the note is personal, I will not share its contents in detail but mention that it spoke congratulatory words towards my academic and physical accomplishments and reminisced about our adventures and the lengthy discussions we’ve engaged in throughout the years as we (continue to) navigate this terrain called “adulthood.”

The card and its message could not have arrived at a better moment, and it filled me with emotions of nostalgia, joy, and love as well as overwhelming sadness at the physical distance that separates Ashleigh and myself.

The card also filled me with a surge of appreciation for the time, money, and energy that Ashleigh spent on purchasing, writing, and mailing this little surprise. In a day and age where texts, Snaps, and DMs have become the preferred method of communication, her choice to send me a card through snail-mail was both thoughtful and comforting.

The postage allowed me to appreciate the little ways she goes above and beyond to create connection even when we’re 1,500 miles apart, and it reconfirmed the mutual love and friendship between us. It reminded me that physical distance, while a challenge to any relationship, is but a small circumstance that has not, and will not, diminish the bond of our friendship. And it allowed me to rediscover the feelings of connection and love that are achievable through the simplest of acts.

So for now, I ask of you, my reader, do something small for someone in your life today. Whether it’s a postage to a friend, breakfast in bed for a partner, wishing a coworker a safe trip home, giving up your seat for a stranger, or any other way you choose to show kindness and connection to the world around you and those in it.

Because it’s the small yet thoughtful acts you decide to make, that allow for brighter, kinder, and more love-filled days for you and everyone you encounter.

Until next time,


The photo accompanying this post was taken and edited by me. However, it showcases verbiage and artwork not created by me.

The credit for the words and artwork go to the company:

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