Devil’s Grin

That’s what you get when you fall for the Devil’s grin.

He’ll fondle your soul,
he’ll lick at your skin.

Gleam at you he will,
with teeth picked clean,
by the bones of those made to suffer from his trickery.

He’ll carve you up into packages,
wrapped pretty and neat,
saving the best of you for a late-night treat.

And though you may find yourself praying for salvation,
begging on your knees;
you should know, this sight only pleases his growing needs.

He loves seeing you offer yourself up,
like a fresh-cut piece of meat.

Again, he’ll flash you that grin,
a signal he’s about to begin.

In silence,
you’ll watch,
as he devours your soul.

Without mercy,
he’ll eat you whole.

Leaving not a trace,
of who you were, who you could’ve been.

Oh, but don’t you worry my Doll,
don’t trouble your pretty little head.

You won’t notice any of this ’til he’s consumed your bed,
and left your eyes hollow, dead.


Devil’s Grin is a heavily revised poem created from an unedited, untitled, and hastily composed piece of work I wrote back in August of 2014.

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