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With the holiday’s over, my home decluttered from all Christmas decor, and my life finally settling back into its usual routine, I started to take notice of some of the (material) gifts I received this past holiday and just how useful they have been over the past two-or-so weeks.

Yup, you’ve guessed it, this is your typical gift review blog post, and it will focus itself around five of the gifts that I have found myself using every day since receiving them, and which upon further research, have proven to be relatively affordable. Additionally, these are all gifts that I feel make not only great holiday presents but, due to their usefulness, could be gifted throughout the year for most any occasion.

But first, I must put in three small disclaimers.

The first, as I have mentioned in my About: The Blog page, all photos I choose to use on my site are ones that I have taken or created myself. However, for this post, I will be linking each item that I review to a webpage where, if you so choose, you can purchase said item. As such, I will be using the photos from those websites so that you’ll view a quality image of the unused items since, as I mentioned above, I have been using each of these gifts every day upon receiving them and as such, they are not as pristine as when given to me.

Second, as I know that some of my friends and family will inevitably wander onto this page, I would like to make it known that the gifts I am reviewing are in no way shape or form favored above any other gift I received this past holiday season. I was beyond fortunate enough to be presented with many lovely gifts this past Christmas, and what made most of them so enjoyable was that they were all items that resonated with me due to my experiences and personal tastes. As such, to review all the presents I was gifted would not provided a fruitful review-type blog post as the entirety of my post would consist of:

Gift A: LOVE IT! 



I know, I know, I exaggerate, the reviews wouldn’t be that simplistic. But truthfully, every present I received this year holds merit in my life in one way or another, and I am beyond grateful to have been gifted each one.

Third, I apologize for the obnoxious amount of times you have read, and will continue to read, the words present, gift, gifted, and received. I’m sure if I were a better writer I would be able to publish this post without having to use those four words as frequently as I already have, and will continue to use. However, I’m not that strong of a writer, and with this post being a review of the most useful gifts I received this past holiday season, I’m at a loss of what other words I could use.

Now, with all that addressed, let us continue to the heart of this post: the gift reviews!

(U Youse) iPhone Charger Dock

Okay, so any gifts related to mobile devices are, in my experience, ones that will frequently be used. Such is the case with this iPhone Charger Dock. No joke, my husband and I love this little thing so much we actually, kind-a-sort-a, fight over who gets to put their phone on the charging dock and who gets to use the traditional charging cord. I know, we’re both privileged AF and utterly ridiculous. But since our laziness knows no bounds, we both enjoy the convenience of having our phone “stand up” while charging, thus allowing us to see notifications that come in with just a turn of the head instead of a lift of the wrist.

For me, it’s all about efficiency; I hate when I have to stop what I am doing to lift my phone after hearing it go off only to see that the notification is something I have no intention of dealing with at that moment. Also, if I’m being completely honest, I have a habit of plugging my traditional corded phone charger into random outlets throughout my condo and then forgetting which outlet I plugged it in. Typically, this leads me spending way more time than I’d like searching my condo for my phone after hearing it go off.

So, if you know anyone in your life who is super lazy, or like me, just forgetful, I would recommend this gift. I would also recommend it to anyone who works, or spends most of their day, at a desk. All joking aside, the ability to have your phone propped up while also charging is, in my experience, more convenient, efficient and conducive for desk work than your typical corded charger.

Now, I was informed that this gift was purchased at a store called fiveBEL°W. I’ve never been to this store before, but from what I gather, everything is $5.00 or less. After looking for my U Youse iPhone Charging Dock on their website, I was disappointed to find that it is not offered for online purchase, but may be available at one of their brick and mortar stores. Additionally, I could only find the U YOUSE brand of dock charger on and other reseller platforms; all of which listed the dock charger under $10.00. However, further research lead me to find different dock charger brands on both and for under $10.00 and some as low as $6.00. Additionally, for all you android users out there, both Walmart and Amazon offer dock chargers for your phones as well. Though, I will say they seem to be a bit more expensive for some reason I cannot for the life of me figure out. But if you click here, I did find one under $10.00 on Amazon that charges both androids and iPhones.

Purse/Bag Hanger/Holder/Hook

Okay, true story, I don’t use this gift every day. I do, however, use it every workday; between five and six days a week. I could use it every day, but because it is so useful at work, I leave it in my little cubbyhole of an office so as not to forget or lose it.

What I love about this gift is that it actually works; it doesn’t slip off or slide around where it’s placed. Let’s give a big round of applause to physics everybody! But in all seriousness, this little widget is great at holding my purse, keys, and other bags off the ground and by doing so it helps to free up my floor space at work as well as keep my items from getting dirty.

Currently, my exact bag hook can be found on for $7.99 and also comes with free shipping without the use of Prime. However, you can find bag hooks at multiple online retailers and in many different designs, colours, and sizes that are appealing to both men and women. Honestly, I think its an excellent gift for anyone who works in an office setting where there isn’t a designated purse/bag area for coworkers to store their items.

Lava Bead Diffuser Bracelet

Since receiving this gift, I have worn it every day. It not only meshes well with my fashion style but also allows for the essential oil of my choice to diffuse around me wherever I may be. While not everyone agrees, I believe that essential oils help promote relaxation and I use them just about every day to help me relax, and now with this little gem of a gift, I can allow the effects of the oils to last throughout my entire day.

What I also enjoy about this item is that it is gender neutral and can be worn by anyone. Additionally, you can find these diffuser accessories in various styles and sold by many retailers both online and in brick and mortar stores. My particular style of diffuser bracelet can be purchased, once again, on for $9.98 and is also, currently, being offered with free shipping.

Puffball Ostrich Key Chain / Comparable Puffball Keychain

Purley LUXE
Puffball Keychain

If you are anything like me, you “misplace” your keys…a lot. My husband gifted me this puffball, almost-stuffed-animal-type, keychain to place on my keys in the hopes that I can always locate them. His wish has been granted! Since putting this keychain on my keys Christmas Day, I have yet to misplace them, and he has yet to have to deal with a frustrated me searching for my keys in every nook n’ cranny of our condo. I would recommend this item be gifted to anyone in your life who finds themselves frequently searching high and low for their keys because I promise, you can’t misplace your keys with this puffball attached to them.

Okay, so here is where we deviate from the rest of the gifts thus far. My husband purchased this cute little puffball, ostrich keychain from Target off of a Christmas Stocking Stuffer display back in November for $5.00. Unfortunately, everywhere I look for this little fuzzball online, I cannot find it. I couldn’t even locate it on a reseller website, such as, like I did for the U YOUSE iPhone Dock Charger. Which is why you see two pictures above. One is of the adorableness that is my keychain, and the other is of a comparable one I found on priced at $7.95 and is currently being offered with free shipping.

I will tell you that the brand name of the one my husband gifted me is Purley LUXE, and it may still be possible to find it at a brick and mortar Target, but right now, is not featuring any for purchase. Hopefully, you will have better luck locating this puffball, but if Target has discontinued the keychain for the season, I hope they bring it back next year because it is both cute and functional and has saved me much frustration over the last couple weeks.

Plush Throw Blanket

I love plush throw blankets of all shapes, sizes, colours, and patterns. If you ask my husband, he would tell you that I have a “problem” because our condo is quickly being overtaken by these cozy-little-snuggle-buddies. I received two of these plush throw blankets this past Christmas, both of which are fifty inches in length by seventy inches in width and super plush. One hosts a nutcracker pattern while the other offers a seashell design and both have been used every day since receiving them.

What I love about these blankets is that they instantly make me feel cozy and, oddly enough, they tend to make me feel safe(r). Also, I am a huge reader, and these blankets are my favourite thing, besides my puppy, to cuddle with on the couch while reading a good book. I would recommend a plush throw blanket to anyone in your life that likes to snuggle up with a good book, or if they prefer film over pages, while they watch a good movie.

While plush throw blankets can be found at just about any store or online retailer that sells home goods, the ones I received this past Christmas were purchased from ROSS and BEALLS Florida and can be priced anywhere from $7.99 to the mid-$30’s for the size described above. As I could not find the nutcracker throw online, the featured throw above is of the seashell themed one I was gifted and is currently priced for $14.99 on

Well, that about wraps it up folks! I hope this post has been informational for you and hopefully will provide you with some relatively affordable and extremely useful gift ideas for the upcoming year.

Until next time,

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