It’s My Blog & I’ll Write If I Want To

I’ve never had the best timing; so it falls in line with the course of my life that I would choose now, and not in the late nineties/early two-thousands when blogging started taking off, to start my first blog. Although, in my defense, I was not yet seven when two-thousand came rolling in, and honestly, my concerns lay more with my Pocahontas princess Barbie than the WorldWideWeb.

Nonetheless, I was an active online user when LiveJournal, Tumblr, Blogger, and the host of other blog-hosting sites hit mainstream status. But, I didn’t log-on and login to any of those sites during their prime and not because I was waiting for the day when I had enough disposable income to purchase a WordPress domain, but because of fear.

Yes, fear; that four-letter word that so many of our New Age Gurus, and the occasional inspirational photo-quote on Pinterest, warns will stunt the great human potential inside us all. And while my previous sentence sits there drenched in mockery, I will say those photo-quotes, and the motivational vlogs from our spiritual sages have some validity.

Or at least as it applies to my life.

I was, and still am, afraid to publish a blog. But as sure as I am typing these words, I am committed to releasing this, my first blog post. Not because I hope to make it big in the blogging arena, a pipe dream of many bloggers, but because ever since I was young, I’ve loved writing and always wanted to find a way to get my writing “out there.”

Call it egotism, but the idea of writing something that impacted others always gave my heart a little flutter.

So when I turned my attention away from my Barbies and discovered the interwebz and the world of blogging, I thought “wow, what an excellent opportunity!” Yet, time and time again, I actively chose not to create a blog of my own due to my fears.

Circling in my head were always those fear-based questions seeping with self-doubt:

“What if I fail?” “What if I look stupid?” “What if people think my writing skills suck?” “What if they read my blog posts and hate the content?” “Or worse, what if no one even reads them?”

I don’t know when I decided to take a look at those questions and examine the fears that prompted them, but I did. And not to sound too much like an inspirational photo-quote, but by examining my fears, and not just the ones about blogging, I have begun to realize how many amazing opportunities in life I allow myself to miss.

Some of these opportunities were as simple as meeting up with friends for drinks, while others would have taken me to the places of my dreams. But, because of my fears, I let them pass me by and missed out on a world of fun, adventure, love, and learning. And by doing so, I kept myself small and sheltered.

But I’ve decided to change that, and I’m putting that decision into action now by starting with something simple, yet still terrifying: this blog.

I know all this is trite and has been said many times before by many more important and influential people then li’l’ ol’ me. But it’s the truth; my truth anyway. And while I don’t know where this blog will take me, who it will reach, or what impact it will have on me or anyone else, I do know that I am proud of myself for stepping out of my fears and grasping at the opportunity to publish this for the online world to see.

Until next time,

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